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These on-the-set photographs are a small foretaste of "Amor en defensa propia", Rafa's first feature film as a director, which will be in the theatres of Spain in the autumn of 2005.  More photos of this film and other music and film works by Rafa will be added to this page in the near future.

Still photographs of "Amor en defensa propia" ("Love In Self-Defence") Sept/Oct 2004. Locations in Barcelona and Tarragona.
Cast: Gustavo Garzón, Ana Fernández, Andrés Gertrudix, Manuel Morón, Ginés García Millán, Pere Arquillué, Carlos Kaniowsky, Bárbara Goenaga, Sonia Castelo, Manolo Solo, Mariola Ruiz, César Vea.  
Writer and Director: Rafa Russo
Director of Photography: Daniel Aranyó
Producers: MediaPro and Universal Studios

Photos: Berta Gispert

© 2004-2006 Rafa Russo